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We offer a wide and comprehensive range of both new and second hand safes to meet your specific requirements. From domestic safes and filing cabinets, to large scale paper or data protection solutions and vaults, we offer quality security solutions at competitive prices.

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Do you need re-keying or master key systems or just perhaps another copy of your house key? At Reliable Lock and Safe we do it all! We are able to professionally carry out a wide variety of security-specific services for the right price.

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Our Services

Service you can rely on Offering a professional service department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can rely on Reliable. We pride ourselves on going a step further with our customers.

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Home SafesOur products keep you and your belongings safe

Do you have a safe in your home? If not, you may want to think twice about having one.

With break and enters at an all time high, now is a better time than any to have your valuables stored safetly. Keep all your important valuables in one location, locked up safetly. Safes are not just for banks or jewellery stores. More and more home owners decide to invest in a safe for their house. Knowing that your valuables are secure can provide peace of mind and allows many to sleep tight. Reliable Lock and Safe offers some of the best home safes Australia wide to many composed clients. Our outstanding products keep your camera, laptop and heirloom jewels secure and protect them from theft as well as fires. If you want to buy domestic safes online you can trust, come to the market leaders in safety solutions.

Excellent products and services

Reliable Lock and Safe offers a range of services, designed to keeping you and your valuables safe and sound. We provide expert locksmith services to our clients that will secure their entire home. If you are looking for a company that offers the complete packet of excellent services and the most reliable domestic safes Australia has to offer, you have found what you were searching for.

To find out more about our superior products or to talk to one of our friendly staff members, contact us now.

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Commercial SafesOur products keep you and your belongings safe

Keep your earnings secure with our excellent products. We offer innovative safety solutions for companies all over the country. Whether you are a manager of a bank or financial institution or you run a fashion boutique or hip cafe, we have safes that are resistant to explosions, force and drilling. You can order all our commercial cash safes online and our expert staff members are able to handle the installation for you. Reliable Lock and Safe is your one stop security shop. We offer excellent service and high quality products.

Innovative safety ideas for retail stores

Reliable Lock and Safe pride themselves on providing their customers with the best commercial retail safes available. With our superior safes you will not have to worry about leaving cash in your store overnight anymore. , Even in today’s day and age of electronic payment such as EFTPOS and Pay Pal, many retail businesses still handle significant amounts of cash and we have the perfect solutions for your needs. If you want to buy commercial safes in Sydney or around Australia that you can trust, come to Reliable Lock and Safe.

To discuss the best security solution for your company, contact us now. Our friendly specialists are always happy to answer any queries.

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About reliable lock and safeOur products keep you and your belongings safe

Formed in early 2003, Reliable Lock and Safe is a family owned and run business. We have earned our reputation Nationwide as a first class security provider. Bringing forward a superbly matched and experienced team hailing from all facets of the physical security industry, we at Reliable Lock and Safe have the ability to professionally complete even the most demanding service tasks – On time, every time.

Between the team, we have over 60 years total experience in the security service sector.
Reliable Lock and Safe have proactively kept pace with the ever changing security industry. We have extensive “across the board” knowledge of safes, locking mechanisms and common problems and issues.

Our network of trusted contractors extends nationally to allow our solutions to be delivered across most parts of the country efficiently and in confidence.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and ensuring our customers premises and property are secured with quality products and solutions are our professional commitment.

We are fully licensed and our technicians are trained in all products and services we offer. We are members of the Master Locksmiths Association as well as being a SCEC approved Locksmith for Government security work.

Our friendly and experienced team will work with you to develop security and locking systems for your commercial and residential security requirements today and into the future.

We offer a 24-hour, 7 day a week emergency mobile locksmith service to all areas. Give us a call to book an appointment or emergency call. We cater for commercial, industrial and residential security solutions, so no job is too big or small.

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Bankers SafesOur products keep you and your belongings safe

Australia has one of the strongest banking regulatory systems in the world – all Banks including Building Societies and Credit Unions meet exceptionally high standards on Security and risk management as set down by the regulator, APRA.

Our Bankers Safes are resisting to many forms of attack. The design of the safes and materials used provide defence barriers resisting to:

• Oxy-Acetylene attack
• Drills and abrasive grinders
• Explosives and force
• Pneumatic and hydraulic tools

At Reliable Lock and Safe we stock, deliver, install, service and maintain a range of High quality Bankers safes from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

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Reliable Lock and Safe SafesOur products keep you and your belongings safe

WHY CHOOSE OUR SAFES??Our products keep you and your belongings safe

Keep your earnings secure with our excellent products. We offer innovative safety solutions for Homes and Businesses all over Australia.

When the necessity to further protect theft or damage of valuables and documents is required, Reliable Lock and Safe can provide a solution from our extensive range of commercial and residential safes.

At Reliable Lock and Safe we stock, deliver, install, service and maintain a range of safes from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. We can provide secure storage safes that are burglar-resistant, fire-resistant, Torch and Drill resistant and SCEC Government approved Safes

Stand alone, wall or floor mounted safes are typical options. Locking mechanisims include combination, keyless, keyed and timed locks with electronic or mechanical operation.

Reliable Lock and Safe is Australia’s No.1 online security safes retailer with low discount prices direct to the public.

We provide a range of the most popular safes for online purchase which you can browse by product category. Alternatively, if you cannot find the correct safe to suit your commercial or residential requirements, or have specific needs for intrusion or fire ratings please call us on 1300 456 258

Our large sales volume through all of the major safe companies has meant we can pass on Big savings to our customers.

Reliable Lock and Safe are proud of our products, our service, and our business.

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Filing CabinetsOur products keep you and your belongings safe

Store your documents and files safely and securely with our range of filing drawers and cabinets. Keep your workspace tidy and all your files organised. Our Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets are all certified to be resistant to fire, with both one hour and two hour certifications options available.

We stock a variety of Security ‘Class B and Class C’ Filing Cabinets. These cabinets offer first-class fire and theft protection in the one unit. The cabinet complies with the Federal Government standard for fire resisting containers.

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Our ServicesOur products keep you and your belongings safe

Safe supply, installations, relocations, opening, drilling, modifications and refurbishment
– Professional safe installation, relocation and removal service
– For safes of up to 2 tonnes

Locksmithing – Domestic and commercial
– All forms of domestic and commercial locksmithing, including lock fitting and key cutting

Restricted Master Key Systems
– Only Reliable Lock and Safe can cut your keys, other key cutters are restricted from doing so which will prevent unauthorised duplicate keys being cut. This will also reduce the need for you to have locks changed when, for example, tenants or employees leave your premises.
– All records are securely kept on file at our head office. In an inquiry arises, we can refer back to specific work orders.
– Bump proof keys and pick resistant security key cylinders
– Provides high security deterrent to prevent unauthorised entry
– Keyway prevents any other key being inserted into the lock

– Fast rekeying service for most key types

Lock and door hardware/furniture supply and installations
– Professional to-your-door lock and door furniture fitting service

Alarms and access control
– Supply, installation and maintenance of quality alarms and access control products

Grilles and barrier security
– Supply, installation and maintenance of high security barrier grilles and other forms of barrier security.

Modular vault supply and installations
– Supply, installation and maintenance of modular vaults.

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SCEC Government Approved Locksmiths


Our SCEC-approved locksmiths provide professional advice on a large range of SCEC-endorsed security products and guide you on the best solution possible

For all levels of government facilities as well as businesses that have government contracts, we offer locksmith services to meet your requirements. We have completed many installations in government premises and are conversant with the requirements to work in these facilities.

We are safe specialists and provide a complete range of SCEC-approved locksmith safe service, whether retail, servicing, repairs or handling lock-outs. We specialise in government safes, containers and door vaults. We can also modernise your government A and B class containers by retro fitting a new SCEC-endorsed electronic safe lock.

The Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) is a standing interdepartmental committee responsible for the evaluation of security equipment for use by Australian Government departments and agencies. SCEC reports to the Attorney General’s, Protective Security Policy Committee, which was established by the Australian Government to develop and establish guidelines for protection of Australian Government resources. (SCEC) are very clear in their guidelines that only individuals are approved and not the company that employs them. Dan Ferrington and Neil Butterworth are our SCEC Approved Locksmiths.

We provide you the finest quality and secure SCEC endorsed products that offer you maximum security. We are the leading distributor of SCEC endorsed products supplying such brands as Chubb, Lockwood, Abloy, Bilock, CMI and many more.

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SCEC products and services

SCEC-approved safes

    • Safe supply
    • Safe installations
    • Safe relocations
    • Safe Openings, Manipulations and Safe Cracking
    • Safe drilling (for lock outs)
    • afe modifications
    • Safe refurbishments


  • Master key systems
  • Rekeying
  • Lock and door hardware/furniture installations
  • Modular vault installations
  • Access Control


Data and Media SafesOur products keep you and your belongings safe

Keep your data and media secure with our excellent products. We offer innovative solutions all over Australia.
Media and data safes secure computer files, media discs, film and photos against fire.

Reliable Lock and Safe have a great selection of media safes and data safes that you can confidently protect your valuable and irreplaceable data and equipment.

These safes have thick insulated walls and are engineered to maintain internal temperatures below 45 degrees Celsius.

At Reliable Lock and Safe we stock, deliver, install, service and maintain a range of High quality Data and Media safes from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

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